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At The Next Step Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Centre we train the whole person – mind and body, draw on the latest research & offer a new way towards recovery and independence!

Our Programs are derived from the principles of neuroplasticity and neural Activation and by training the ‘whole’ person, enables each client to engage all the resources they have at their disposal to achieve their optimal functional potential, attain greater independence and enhance recovery.

This ‘rewiring of the body and mind’ relies on quality and clear instruction, along with repetition and consistency. It is necessarily ‘intense’, requiring significant dedication and commitment. Our highly skilled team individually tailor each client’s program, providing education, support and training through appropriate exercise, therapy and instruction.

THE ALL INCLUSIVE FAST START PROGRAM                                  

The Fast Start Program offers the opportunity for clients to experience the benefit of a highly effective and holistic approach which can be continued and tailored throughout their recovery.

  1. Initial Assessment – This assessment is to ascertain your current abilities and your functional and independence goals. We use a number of assessment methods including, developmental activities, functional muscle testing and video assessment.  A client base-line assessment is integral to the tailoring of your individual program and measurement of your functional improvement.
  2. Train and Gain (12 weeks) – The Fast Start program provides training, education and support through appropriate exercise, instruction and therapy. It incorporates the optimal amount of exercise training and therapy to achieve the best outcomes for you and your personal goals.

Training the whole person engages all the resources and individual has at their disposal to generate a positive bio-feedback loop that aids recovery.  We believe that when your mind functions at its optimal potential, it enables the focus required to attend the body and vice versa.

  1. 12 Week Assessment – After your first 12 weeks and initial integration into an exercise and therapy regime, we reassess your needs and goals based on the results of this assessment and your base-line assessment. This allows us to better tailor an individual program unique to you and your goals and you are now ready to take on one our lifestyle packages.

*Please note for best results we recommend this program be completed within the 12-week time period stated in the program description. Current exercise based research demonstrates the bodies ability to create new neurological pathways to form (neuroplasticity).

What’s Included:

  • 72 hours of Exercise Physiology (Recommended 36×2 hours sessions)
  • Initial Assessment
  • Re–Assessment
  • 8 Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike sessions
  • 12 Massages
  • 12 Acupuncture Treatments
  • 8 Nutrition Consults
  • Hair Cell Analysis Initial Consult
  • Hair Cell Analysis Re-test
  • 8 Mentoring Sessions
  • FES Starter Pack

Casual Membership                                      

A casual membership is on offer which is booked by the client on a ‘session-by-session’ basis. Clients may choose from the entire range of TNS modalities, each of which are offered in multiples of 1-hour blocks and can be billed in advance in blocks of 5 or 10 or individually.

Services ($)
Exercise Physiology (2hr blocks)
–       Initial Assessment (1.5hrs) $150
–       Hourly rate $110
–       Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) $110
–       FES Bike  $80
Acupuncture (per hour) $120
Massage (Remedial) (per hour) $120
Mentoring (per hour) $100
–       Hourly rate $100
–       Hair cell Analysis Initial Consult $250
–       Hair cell Analysis Retest $200